Ariana Grande Backstage for ‘Make A Wish’ at Ziggo Dome in…

Ariana Grande Backstage for ‘Make A Wish’ at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam (May 16, 2017)

Ariana Grande & Mac Miller  Backstage at KISS 108’s…

Ariana Grande & Mac Miller  Backstage at KISS 108’s Jingle Ball 2016 at TD Garden  in Boston   ( December 11, 2016 )

Original Ariana Grande visits FM100 Memphis Radio, Interview -…

Original Ariana Grande visits FM100 Memphis Radio, Interview – PART 1 (May 2011)

Original Ariana Grande visits FM100 Memphis Radio, Meet &…

Original Ariana Grande visits FM100 Memphis Radio, Meet & Greet (May 2011)

Ariana Grande at  Tiffany & Co.‘s  Beverly Hills…

Ariana Grande at  Tiffany & Co.‘s  Beverly Hills store  (October 13, 2016)

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Ariana Grande Popularity Analysis


‘Ariana Grande surprised the US music industry in September 2013 when her debut album Yours Truly entered the charts directly at #1. By then she was already a celebrity, but as an actress thanks to her role in TV sitcom Victorious. She has continued to grow album after album since this perfect transition. It’s time to review the first part of her career now that a fourth album is rumored to be in the making.

Nowadays social media is so big that some singers look incredibly popular while they have sold relatively few records. This impression is even bigger when it comes to female pop stars. This category of artists enjoy an insane following online which isn’t always reflected into their chart history.

Grande‘s online following is not questioned. Her official Twitter handle @ArianaGrande is among the Top 25 most followed accounts at #14. In this ranking there is only Justin Bieber who is younger than her. What about her record sales then?

So far the young singer has released 3 studio albums, Yours Truly, My Everything and Dangerous Woman. The only time her name made the headlines though was due to the fateful bombing at her concert in Manchester last May. If millions of people came to know her after this tragic event, her arena concerts have been full of highly dedicated fans for a long time. How many copies have each of her records sold? Which era was the biggest?..

People who have followed the charts for a long time will not be impressed by these numbers. A total of 3,94 million units sold after 3 studio albums appears to be low, especially for someone with 56 million Twitter followers.

However, pure sales aren’t how the music industry works nowadays. Pure album sales are now something of the past. Any artist who first debuted after the arrival of streaming didn’t get the chance to amass fans who buy their records. Young artists tend to attract young followers and Grande is no exception. These young followers have never been into purchasing albums.

In this context album sales of Grande are pretty solid. They are consistent with each album going close to or topping the million mark. My Everything is also pretty high for a 2014 album. It leads us to wonder how well those records performed in formats more favorable to the singer such as downloads and streaming. She still has 4 singles issued in CD single though. Two had regular releases in continental Europe, Problem and Bang Bang, which amassed some sales mostly from Germany. Then she had two specific releases of singles paired with a poster, The Way in the US and Focus in Japan. Naturally, all these releases sold very few copies.

Grande started strong in the US with the 2 million selling single The Way. She failed to generate interest abroad though. Her subsequent singles have not been successful even in the US. Thanks to the massive market of downloads by 2013 it was still enough to sell 5,6 million units from songs of Yours Truly.

The era My Everything was both more consistent and more global. She became big in various markets such as the UK, South Korea, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. The result is amazing. Problem featuring Iggy Azaleais close to 9 million sales while Bang Bang with Jessie J and Nicki Minajsold over 7,3 million. Four more songs sold well also, Break Free, One Last Time, Love Me Harder and Best Mistake combine for an impressive 10 million units. In total, songs from My Everything sold a sublime 27 million. This is all the more impressive considering that download sales were declining strongly by 2014/2015 as streaming began to take over. 

Dangerous Woman had mixed fortunes. Its first 3 singles sold around 2 million units a piece which is fairly solid by 2016 standards. It doesn’t match the success of My Everything though.Apart from her studio albums, Grande issued various stand-alone tracks. The highest selling title among them is Focus which was initially expected to be the lead single of Dangerous Woman, but it ended up being dropped from the standard edition of the album.The most successful Orphan song may be Santa Tell Me. It is difficult to impose a fresh new Christmas tune. It’s even more difficult given Santa Tell Me wasn’t fully promoted. It was released via an EP, without a proper Christmas-themed album coming out. Slowly but surely the song is amassing sales and streams every Christmas.’
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