“You don’t get what’s mine,and I’m doing fine” lockscreens,please?With only half of Ari”s face in the background,like,her lips?I’m sorry if it’s weird lol

posted, i hope it’s what you had in mind

hi bea, can you link the video that’s in the third gif for /post/167992574465 ? your gifs are so so pretty!!!

sure thing here, the concert starts around minute 6 and thank you so much omg, it means a lot  ❤️

Could you do lockscreens with “I’m locked and loaded” and “Completely focused,my mind is open”,maybe with girls in suits and guns in the background,or maybe Bond Girls?Really just anything you think that Dangerous Woman Visual 2 would have looked like lol.I love your blog and your edit style <3

i avoided guns except for the ariana pics, but tried to keep the aesthetic u described. i hope that’s okay!

some songs that always calm me: (im a different anon btw!) 2!3!by bts (this is such a calming song for me it helps me feel so much better), running low by shawn mendes, this is what it takes by shawn mendes, a little too much by shawn mendes (i really like shawn lmao), everything has changed by heffron drive, i wont give up by jason mraz- i really like big time rush’s cover of it tho lol, coffeee by bts- it sounds incredibly calming but the lyrics are sad. i have more songs if you want too!

oh wow thank you, i’ll give a listen to all of those and if you feel like sending more songs my ask is always open!!! 

Sometimes when you feel so bad it can be good to cry because when I was at my lowest I sat loudly listening to my favourite band and crying and it’s kind of healing of you focus on just listening to the songs as you cry because you’re not thinking about anything but you are letting out the emotion that you need to xx

i guess it has helped me sometimes but i also am very tired of crying if that makes sense 🙁 i wish this feeling could just stop tbh… but yes, what you’re saying makes a lot of sense. thank you so much honestly, come off anon if you want to, i’d love to know the beautiful soul behind this anon

I’m praying for you Bea, you deserve nothing but all the good things in the world. Hope you are strong enough to overcome this!

thank you so much, means the world to me that you think that way… i’m trying my hardest to be strong, trying so bad to not let this sink me but it’s hard.