Hey do you think you could pls make edits with the tby lovers in the background with any lyrics you think fits each? (If you’re rly busy tho don’t worry about it I don’t want you to over work yourself)

sure!! i’ll do this tomorrow (friday)

“You don’t get what’s mine,and I’m doing fine” lockscreens,please?With only half of Ari”s face in the background,like,her lips?I’m sorry if it’s weird lol

posted, i hope it’s what you had in mind

Could you do lockscreens with “I’m locked and loaded” and “Completely focused,my mind is open”,maybe with girls in suits and guns in the background,or maybe Bond Girls?Really just anything you think that Dangerous Woman Visual 2 would have looked like lol.I love your blog and your edit style <3

i avoided guns except for the ariana pics, but tried to keep the aesthetic u described. i hope that’s okay!