Hey babe ? could you please do lockscreens with quit lyrics and touch it from the dwt ??

hi! i won’t be posting any requests until ariana’s benefit concert for manchester, as i explained in my second last post. since a date has yet to be announced, i’m not sure when that’ll be yet. if you’re okay with waiting and you want me to complete this request once the blog returns, just send me another ask letting me know pretty please! 

this goes for everyone else as well, you can continue to submit requests, but keep in mind that i’ll be holding onto them and not posting them until the benefit concert.

We just need some “Better Days”, “Be Alright”, or Pray for Manchester lockscreens and etc ?

i really really appreciate the sentiment, but i’m not in a state right now where i can focus on making lockscreens or commercializing the event for notes. i, and we as a fanbase, can’t just continue editing and blogging as if this didn’t happen, as if people didn’t die, and as if our favourite person isn’t going through something deeply traumatic. just… sending the most loving positive vibes to ariana, to everyone that was at the concert, to all of the families affected, to the victims, and to all of you.

i have be alright lockscreens already posted if you want to search for them. take care of yourselves.

Lock screen please of you’re favorite Ariana song and your favorite Ariana outfit (from dw era )

went a lil overboard
couldn’t pick between my 2 absolute fav songs so i figured i’d go for a variety of cute outfits
but my favourites are the 1st one w the cherry blossom print of which there are no hq pics of course!! + the 1 with the (faux!) fur coat 
thanks for this request ?

sunshine, where did you find еurope m&gs?

here! the passwords are the name of the venue + the number of the show. for example, the stockholm show was in the friends arena and it was the first show of the europe leg, so the password for that folder is “friends1″. ?