hello! I love all of the races that you post! Q: how long does it take you to find a photoshoot rare and are there any that you will post soon?

Thank you! We Always post stuff. Maybe we post ps pics in the near future. 🙂 It take some time , to deal up with these things. It not really easy. As i answered similar stuff like this a few pages before.

Hello! Do you have any Billboards 2016 outtakes like the red background and the ones that Ariana was sitting at a (chair?) (sofa?)?

Hey anon! We wont be posting any of these atm. No Cosmopolitan or Billboard, since some of them have already been leaked. There are a few on the Web already! Thanks for understanding. 🙂

Could you post some hq Cosmo shoot? Like the unseen ones. Hope you have an amazing day/night

We wont post Cosmopolitan atm.  There are already quite a few floating around the Web. Thank you anon! hope you have a great day too!

Please don’t worry about the people who keep asking for no watermark, you did what you had to do so people wouldn’t steal the credit. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us ❤

We dont care at all! People,  like i said, should be more appreciative/ have a positive mindset in general. You are Welcome!

Thank you sosososo much for providing us with these rares, with watermarks or not, I really appreciate your hard work to get these, so thank you again and have a great end of 2017! 💞💞💞💞💞


i really really really appreciate the fact that you post those pictures. and i think we should stop asking for no watermark because YOU found them and you probably did a lot for it so please keep on posting those rares and i love yaaa

THANK YOU SWEET! Im really glad there are some kind of People who understand it. We both wont ever tolerate the hate! It is still  visible, so you can still see alot of the picture. And if we want to post the unwatermarked version, than we do, whenever we feel like it! Thank you for the Love!!