Are you going to upload the m&g photos from the last show? Also where can I find others if there are any m&g photos from previous shows?

I don’t upload m&g pictures anymore. there are too many and i don’t want to annoy anyone by posting 10 separate posts. Ariana Today Net has all the m&g pictures on his website . click HERE to get redirected.

i think she’s getting alot of stuff for the eastern side of the world cause it’s cheaper? or maybe cause she has a special connection with eastern arianators

she does have a really strong connection with her fans. Maybe she wants to end the tour with a big ending you know.

I just wanna say thanks for the advice about the app. I’m using it and trying to learn something new. Did you learn Spanish in school? In my country, I attended english, french and german classes but I learned the basics, i need more in my life

you’re welcome love! I hope you’re enjoying it. and no, I was born in Puerto Rico so Spanish was my first language. I knew a little bit of English since in PR they showed alot of education shows in both languages. But i fully learned English when i moved to the USA when i was around 5-6 years old. and lucky, i would of loved to learn french when i was in school 😐 all they had for options was Spanish.