when everything gets too much for me and when I’ve been at my lowest points with anxiety and depression, music is a big comfort for me so one way to even get you through a little bit of what youre going through could be just to listen to music that calms you but loud enough to maybe block out other sounds so you can just focus and calm down/relax – and it can be weird if you don’t feel the benefits of it but asmr always works for me when i’m too anxious because that’s also very calming xx

the thing is… when i feel like that i can only listen to music that makes me cry even more and i don’t know if that’s a good idea. i’ll try to find some songs that help me feel better, if u could recommend some it’d be fantastic. my anxiety is focused on something specific atm but i’ll give a try to asmr too when im just anxious. thank you sososo much for the tips, it means a lot.